dimanche 23 mars 2008

Other Stockholm doings

Here was Janine's camp-like housing at the Karolinska Institute.

I also went to Skansen, which is a city park/museum on a hill. In it, they have painfully taken down old buildings from all over Sweden, brought them there, and reassembled them, for all the Swedes to learn about the history of Sweden and how everyone lived across the years. Some of the houses weren't even very old-- only from the early 20th century-- others were several centuries older. They also had brought and reconstructed old stores and businesses, glass and metalworks and printers, and had people working away in them; there were also old churches and town markets, etc. It was a little corny but still kind of interesting.

Here is one house.Another Skensen house-- the plaque just below explains where it is from.
The oldest things there were the rune stones. Both of the stones below were around 1000 years old. The plaques stated that they were to mark the deaths of family members or to mark another important occasion.
Meanwhile, Janine and I hit the town at night. I got to eat at all kinds of places Lyon does not really do well, such as going for Thai, Italian, and Vietnamese.

Stockholm itself seemed like an un-beautiful city; I was told that Sweden was a very rural country for a long time, therefore much of Stockholm was built more recently. Much of the architecture was rather non-descript. It was much less beautiful than other European cities. Here is a typical street:
However, Stockholm struck me as a pretty great place to live. The rights and equality that women enjoy in Sweden. The good quality of life. It also just seemed very fun to live in. Janine and I went to many cool bars... three places we hit were Allemännergalleriet, Lokal, and Mosebacke. The pic below is Janine and her friend Agnes in Mosebacke. It was a great space with an amazing view of the city.

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