mardi 4 mars 2008

Gotta love it

Laurel sent me this clip from Flight on the Conchords. It is a take off of some retro language instruction video, or something. I gotta say, the guy with the glasses needs to work on his pronunciation-- dude, you cannot just make a grunt in the back of your throat and call it French. Or is he deliberately being awful? It is hard to say.

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Laurel_C a dit…

According to some fansites, It's FOTCs tribute to French language instruction videos, ye-ye, early 1960s pop in general, and of course, inevitably, French women. I believe that the accent is indeed intentionally terrible on Jemaine's part.

This song is called Fou-Fou-Fa-Fa, from the Girlfriends episode, in which the guys go on dates with two women they meet while frequenting the local patisserie.