lundi 17 décembre 2007

My friend Sarko

OK, no more jokes about Sarko, for the next week at least. The government has instituted a new program offering free French classes for foreign nationals, to help us assimilate and get ahead. Sarko is my new best friend! I called and signed up. The classes will start at the end of January.

Tonight I went to see a movie in French, for the first time. OK, OK, it was a children's movie, "Le renard et l'enfant," and it involved a lot of shots of beautiful scenery, but still. I could follow almost all of it. A milestone.

2 commentaires:

nycpearl a dit…

The duck and the child?
I hope I got that right. Sounds very cute! Go Julia in France!

Julia a dit…

Its "the fox and the child." Duck is canard. Lobster is homard-- it is all very close!