vendredi 14 décembre 2007

Fête des Lumières

This weekend was the fête des lumières, Lyon's celebration for avoiding the plague in 1643. They were saved by their fervant prayers to Mary. Hence, voila la Fourviere cathedral-- you can vaguely see the "Merci Marie" sign on the right.Hotel de Ville.
Cathedral St Jean was more subdued this year.
Place Bellecour.
Place Jacobins.
In Place des Terreaux they had a big kaleidescope thing and the colors project onto the buildings on the square.Here it is in action--

Along Rue de la République they have these enormous spheres lighting up.

The Eglise Saint Nizier always puts on an elaborate show.

This might be the coolest thing of all. They took a phone booth and made it into an aquarium.

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