jeudi 13 décembre 2007


Because not one hotel had an available room the night we were in Strasbourg, we had to go to Germany to find an hotel. We decided to go to Freiburg, a university town which is also known as the warmest city in Germany, although you could have fooled us. We thought it was pretty chilly.

Freiburg, city of bikes.
Freiburg had its own little Christmas market.
It also has these little canals running along city streets, which used to be the system for distributing clean water. Nowadays they must be mostly used for cooling feet on hot summer days. The legend is that if you fall into one, you will marry a Freiburgian. They are kind of tiny so I think it would take effort to fall right in.
Street scene.
Here is one of the old city gates.
The Munster was pretty cute. It and Strasbourg's cathedral were both of a pink stone from a quarry nearby. Our guidebook said that in this particular quarry, apparently, Jews from the concentration camp in the area were forced to work there during WWII.
At the entrance to the Munster, there were carvings from the middle ages to instruct sellers on acceptable sizes for loaves of bread.
Freiburg puts little designs into the paving stones outside of stores to inform passerby of what is sold inside. Here was a locksmith shop.
And this was the one outside of a university building.

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