jeudi 15 novembre 2007



I just got a tax bill, covering two types of taxes, neither of which exist in the US. First is the yearly Taxe d'habitation, a tax on renters-- that's a regressive tax program if I have ever heard of one. Mine is 352 euros. Attached to it is the yearly tax on TV ownership, the Redevance audiovisuelle, which was 116 euros-- quite possibly more than the value of my television. For a totale of 468 euros, or 684 dollars at today's exchange rate.

These expenses might seem a little less shocking if I had at least known to expect them!

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Samantha a dit…

If it makes you feel any better, the money from the TV tax goes towards funding the public TV & radio channels, and also helps keep the number of commercials to a minimum...

And it's not just renters that pay it, it's also home owners, who also have to pay the taxe foncière (property tax) on top of the taxe d'habitation.

But I agree, it is a big hit to the pocketbook - I just wrote out a check for ours, and it was 546€. Ouch!