dimanche 4 novembre 2007

Denmark pictures

Elsinore castle.
And up close.
The cannons are pointing, naturally, at Sweden, which is visible in the distance across the water.
Inside a chapel.
Denmark is just so damn cute. I made a point of eating some danishes when I was there, which they inexplicably call "wienerbrød." I also ate some smorrebrød, which are open-faced sandwiches that can have shrimp, fish, or beef.
Nyhavn street in Copenhagen. I also walked around the hippie enclave of Christiania, which was kind of like being in Tompkins Square Park, if it was 10 times larger and had shacks built in it covered in murals. There was an overlay of hippie commerce, with scratchy-looking wool sweaters for sale and people busking for change. Seen one hippie enclave, seen 'em all.
It was a pretty time to be walking around as the leaves are changing all over Europe this week.

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