dimanche 18 février 2007


Janine arrived Thursday, very smoothly considering the two feet of snow in Albany. I was busy with an IARC workshop on Gene-Environment interaction but met up with her that night. We went out to eat Thursday night at Bleu de Toi. It was delicious! I had the moules provencale and she the moules Bleu de Toi, which turned out to be mushrooms in cream sauce-- it had a very strong mushroom flavor. YUMMY!

Yesterday we took a day trip to Pérouges. It was a bit confusing, because Pérouges shares a train station with the town of Meximieux, so we got off the train and were wandering around Meximieux, and I was thinking to myself, "Gee, this town is kinda cute, not bad really, but it just doesn't seem like the mondo-tourist destination which is so quaint that it has been featured in various movies." So then we went in the tourist information office and they directed us to Pérouges, which was a half-hour's walk away.

Pérouges turned out to be a medieval village on top of a hill. It was a uphill trek there, and once there you can see quite a distance in every direction. I guess they liked to be able to spot the marauding armies coming from afar. It looks like this:

Most things were closed because it is the off-season, but we wandered around and had a leisurely lunch. Janine had duck in a bed of very buttery mashed potatoes, and I the Assiette Vegetarienne.

And today we are off to Nice!

3 commentaires:

Katherine a dit…

Looks really cool!

I don't suppose you can get a burrito in Mexi-mieux...

Janine a dit…

If you call a crepe a burrito.

Julia a dit…

I was confused and kept thinking the name of the town was either Minimieux or Maximieux!