mercredi 21 février 2007

Back to Lyon

We got advice from everyone to drive the scenic route home, along the so-called Napoleonic Route, which apparently is the way that Napoleon took on his triumphal march from Elba to Paris. The road went from Grasse through Digne, through Oraison and Sisteron, Nyon and Valence. It was winding and went up and down switchbacks through the mountain passes, and took 8 hours to drive. We were very tired. But the views were gorgeous.
We stopped for coffee at a cafe which had this view.
Along the road.

The town of Castellane, where we stopped for lunch.

Leaving the town of Bras d'Asse.
Zipping by the vineyards as the sun was going down.

2 commentaires:

Mark J. a dit…

What's this about a brassy ass?

Wow, these pics are GORGEOUS!

Katherine a dit…

Wow, beautiful!

A brass ass doesn't sound very comfortable though.