mardi 13 février 2007

Murder (or a heart attack)

I read an interesting article in the NYT magazine about what a fiasco lethal injection is. Apparently it is rarely supervised by a physician, and when that occurs they are frequently in another room. It sounds pretty gruesome for everyone involved. I didn't realize the AMA is formally against doctors participating in the death penalty, although I guess it goes along with the Hippocratic oath.

On a lighter note, I had a very silly French lesson tonight. We had to describe a pretend crime, with une victime, un coupable (the person responsible), une témoin (witness), la personne qui a découvert le cadavre, et les policiers. The point was for us to use adverbs and the past tense. It was kinda fun. Next we're learning the imparfait, which unfortunately is not used in the exact same way in English and French. sigh.

On a even lighter note, I'm getting ready for my next houseguest. We're going to head down to Nice on Sunday for a few days and will be staying here. Looking forward to it! I'm crossing my fingers and hoping for lots of sunshine!

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Katherine a dit…

That looks nice. Who's coming to visit?