mercredi 20 février 2008

Barcelona - day 1

The weekend before last I headed to Barcelona with a friend from work, Karina. It was fantastic-- such a beautiful city. We took advantage of the many fabulous restaurants and also went down to the beach on saturday.

On Friday we arrived, and after checking into the hotel, we had an amazing tapas lunch at the Cerveceria Catalana. It was absolutely delicious; as Karina said, "I could eat here every day." It was the start of many meals with pan con tomate and sliced Iberian jambon, plus several other delicioso tapas, ending with crema catalana, which is similar to creme brulee.

After lunch we headed out to the Sagrada Familia. Now, when I was 20 I went to Barcelona, and I was too much of a broke student to cough up the cash to go inside. So I was determined to head in this time. Alas. We arrived around 5 PM, and they told us they had already closed the lift to the top. So, I still have not seen all of the Sagrada Familia! I am determined to go back and see the whole thing.

Here are my pics.

Naturally, after this point my camera's batteries died, so I will add more pics when Karina gives me hers.

For dinner that night we headed out to the El Born neighborhood. I forget where we went, but we had even more pan con tomate and sliced Iberian jambon, as well as asparagus, bacalao, and several other tapas dishes. YUM!

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