jeudi 4 septembre 2008


I just found out this minute that my contract has been renewed. FINALLY. This has been so stressful!! I really didn't know as of this morning what the hell to do about my lease and about leaving France, and packing up my apartment, and where I would be living 2 weeks hence... I am getting ready to leave for a vacation on Monday and was facing returning to unemployment, and trying to get back into the country on the 22nd with an expired residency permit. Actually, there is no way I can get an updated residency permit before I leave town, but at least I am an American, so generally immigration officers don't pay all that much attention.

This has been a really stressful week. I do like my boss a lot, and I like the place that I work, but it gets old being at the bottom of the totem pole, and being subject to the whims of the higher ups. Sometimes I think that there are people at the administrative level who must simply not remember what it is like to work for other people.

5 commentaires:

Leah McDonald a dit…

I'm glad to read that it's been renewed...the not knowing must have been so stressful! So, was it renewed for another 3 months?

Katherine a dit…

Well, that's good news! For how long?

Julia a dit…

it is for 3 more months.

Claire a dit…

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