vendredi 16 mai 2008

Fez day 2

In general the nights may have been slightly more restful if it wasn't for that dawn call to prayer, which the various mosques do a minute or two off from each other. You'd hear it starting at some mosque far away, and soon enough, the mosque a block away would be doing its call through the loudspeaker. In general the medina was a slightly noisy place to stay, perhaps in particular because our hotel was fairly central. Although we could have been hearing the call to prayer anywhere, I imagine.

On the second day we hired a guide-- the going rate was 250 dirham for a half-day, which is equivalent to 20 euros. Here are some of the things we saw.

We were first taken to the old Jewish quarter, and taken to see an old synagogue. Here is a pic.An old rabbi took our picture. This is the main gate of the city, which was only built in 1968.The Bab Boujeloud Gate at the entrance to the medina. One side is green-- the color of Islam-- and the other is blue, the color of Fez.
This sign means the sell cigarettes.
The place Seffarine.Some metal goods for sale.
A pretty door in the medina.
One of several tanneries in the city. Stinky!
We were also taken to a ceramics school, where groups of students were alternately throwing on the wheel, painting, taking tiles to the kilns, etc. The group below was taking baked tiles and cutting them down to use smaller pieces in mosaics.

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