lundi 14 avril 2008

Last snowboarding of the season

I went this weekend to Bardonecchia. This was the last weekend of the season that any lifts were running, and the weather was so warm in the valley that only the lifts at the highest altitude were open. Which was slightly limiting. Next time I'll know to go to Val d'Isere or another ski town at a very high altitude. But, we did eat lots of good Italian food and we did get some boarding in.

After some confusion with the hotel reservation at the Larici, we found a room at the Hotel Tabor, which was 3-stars. I think a 3-star hotel in Italy must be equal to a 2-star hotel in France, which is equal to about 1-star in the US. It was slightly nicer than a Motel 6. But, it was right next door to a excellent pizza place, and the beds were perfectly comfortable, so we didn't care so much.

On Saturday we went for a drive along the Susa valley, heading towards Torino. Here is B wrestling with the rental Renault Twingo. Here is the little road we were on, the SS335.It was a pretty drive.We stopped to admire the fort in the town of Exilles.Manuvering the streets of Exilles, while Italians sat outside, sunning themselves and drinking espresso.There was still beaucoup de neige at higher elevations. In this picture, the town of Bardonecchia is visible in the valley below.In his ski clothes, B resembled the preppy villain in some 80's John Cusack teen movie. Here I am as we were heading out. I bonked my head boarding. Ouch. I promise to get a helmet before I go next time.Driving home through the Alps. It was very pretty.

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