vendredi 28 septembre 2007


I went to a dinner on Thursday night to say goodbye to IARC's summer students. JinHee, who is heading back to Seoul, took us to a great Korean restaurant. Who knew that there was fantastic Korean food in Lyon? We also said bon voyage to Vijay and Shen-Chih, who are heading back to Buffalo and UCLA, respectively.

Here are some pics that Amy took at the goodbye office party on Friday. From the left is Veronique, Mia (drinking), Janine, Manuella, and Shen-Chih, cutting the pie. More IARC people: visible is Mazda, JinHee, Shuh-Chin, Shen-Chih, Sean, and Eric.
In the front is Rim, our secretary; behind her on the left is some new German guy who just showed up this week that I haven't met yet; Malcolm, who is Australian; Ann, the Swedish salsa maven; YiRen; and Christine, the other secretary.

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