mardi 7 août 2007

The US tour

I just got back from a trip to Berkeley and Aspen. Mom is doing well and will start radiation treatment soon. I also had fun seeing Katherine, Owen, and Douglas, playing basketball and checking out the kids' computer games.

I had but one near disaster en route: I was changing planes in Frankfort, wandering around trying to figure out what I was doing, when I realized my flight was leaving in 15 minutes and I wasn't even in the right terminal. I began running like a banshee across terminal A, through passport control and security at terminal C, then I am running across terminal C, and I finally make it to the plane, they shut the door behind me, and.... I realize I left my laptop at the security checkpoint. Egads! Fortunately the flight attendant called the pilot, who radioed the terminal, and they found it and put it away for safekeeping. I just picked it up on my way home.

Note to self: back up my data.

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