mercredi 31 janvier 2007

Favorite new CD of the week

I've been listening to Midlake at work this week; mellow work music. I particularly like 'Van Occupanther' and 'We Gathered in Spring'. I don't suppose they will ever come to Lyon, though. We are lucky to get any English language bands at all. I do have tickets for Arcade Fire, Kasabian, and hope to pick up Bloc Party tickets soon for me, Jon, and Zoe. But that is about it for anyone coming through that I have heard of.

I must admit to getting into some eurotrash music since arriving: I like a song called 'Partons Vite' by Kaolin, which is a little Belle and Sebastian-ish. It was on the radio all the time in the fall. The lyrics translate to say "you run your hand through my hair..." and other such deep thoughts. Plus "I don't feel like dancing" by the scissor sisters pretty much played continually in December, and after hating it at first, I decided it was pretty damn catchy! It is very nouveau Abba.

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Laurel a dit…

I am jealous about Arcade Fire. They sold out Radio City in about 10 minutes last week.

Laurel a dit…

Thanks for the new music recommendations! We usually like a lot of the same things. I am still listening to the Clientele - they are in my top 10 bands on